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India has 2.5 million orphans, including 1.3 million orphaned as a result of AIDS/HIV. More orphans face a variety of physical, social, and psychological issues, such as a lack of nourishment, education, and maltreatment. Only 5% believe they will be able to complete a basic degree of schooling. They will be ignorant, unskilled, and poor adults if they do not receive aid. Safar focuses its efforts on establishing an environment in which they get customized attention and the support of a family.


We are living in a world where problems are everywhere!
You may find problems in almost everything!
Our general public is confronting heaps of issues!
You are genuine when you Rise, Take a Step to eradicate these issues
with us..


Safar provides proper guidance to the children of orphanages in terms of living, health, education and most importantly better career to live a good life with better health.


Safar’s vision is to nurture a society in which all orphans are educated and enjoy their childhood, as well as to create a sustainable and ethical society in which all orphanages have access to manage their livelihood.

We rise by lifting others...

Safar help orphanages and organisations by providing education resources and introducing them to mentors who can provide career and life guidance to orphans and underpriviledged kids

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