Ageing Out Initiatives

Ageing Out Initiatives

The Ageing Out team at Safar works to identify candidates for initiating the ageing out process and create a transition plan for each candidate to enable them to live independently.

Once the plan is in place, the team help each qualifying young adult by providing them with the necessary emotional and physical support they need to make the transition to a life outside the orphanage.

These young adults begin to learn how to live independently, which usually starts by finding a place to live and study or work.

The primary goal of the Ageing Out initiative is to help as many of these young adults as possible, providing them with a safe and nurturing support system that will enable them to become adults who go on to become productive members of the community.

The initiative processes include helping to identify safe housing, providing guidance on the best education options, and going through their legal rights as an orphan. The assistance can go even further, teaching the graduate how to manage their finances, shop for their essentials, self-care, transportation, and develop meaningful relationships with others in society.

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