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About Safar

Safar is a visionary program initiated by Top Trove Foundation for welfare of orphans. Safar is carried forward through technology and collaboration by a virtual platform composed of volunteers and interns from different states.

Orphanages are the abode for the abandoned children. Mission of Most orphanages are never met due to many reasons – some of them include lack of funds, reluctance to networking, poor digital infrastructure, no defined purpose, strategic planning, etc.

The driving spirit of the team is the peace that helping others bring with it. We are a team of exceptional and kind minds, helping by the vision of providing services and empowering orphanages to gain funding, volunteers, access to
resources and provide a better environment for heir personal and professional growth. Main of Safar is to empower, support and refactor Orphanages in India from planning to making them go digital.


Meet Our Team!

A group of people come together to achieve a humanitarian objective to make an effective team and an efficient organization.

Kritika Lohani



Shrishti Sharma



Joshita Singh

Chief Operation Officer

Chetan Choudhary


Sameena Tahseen

Content Enforcer

Rahul Gupta

Graphic Designer

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Hemant Meghwanshi

Associate Executive

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Muskan Gill

Graphic Designer