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Our Mission

Safar's mission is to facilitate a society in which all orphans are educated and enjoy their childhood, as well as a sustainable and ethical society in which all orphanages have access to manage their finances.
Three themes that motivate our collaborative efforts to empower orphans are
Incorporation of best practices for successful Child Care Institutes
Giving orphans the resources, they need to attract persistent volunteers and worldwide support
Making it simpler for orphans to grow personally and professionally

Safar is involved in every way possible to help orphanages

Increasing Infrastructure Investment

Safar helps in finding sources of investment for Infrastructure of Orphanages.

Better Resource Management

An organization can work efficiently only if it is able to make better resource management and Safar does that for orphanages.


Safar organizes crowdfunding events for orphanages to help them gather funds.

Personnel Training

We believe in growing together and hence we provide personel training for better functioning of orphanages.

Better Digitization

For an organization to grow its digital footprint should grow with its work and Safar is here to do that.

Improving Social Media Outreach

Safar helps in promoting organizations collaborated with us to grow their social media reach with us.

Safar focuses on Orphans better and Education


We provide Career
  • Growth
  • Growth

Students often find difficulties in choosing what career suits them and what they need the most at that time is someone to guide them. So, we are working towards providing career guidance and mentorship to children in orphanages by making it seamlessly easy for speakers to walk in and guide them. Whether it can be about education, what streams are available? And how to pursue it? Or it could be about their passion. They can get step by step guidance to achieve their dreams.



  • Growth
  • Growth

Apart from guidance, they need to make choices and stand up to them, by working on their skills. Skill Development requires a proper environment and resources which is costly for orphanages. So, we support peer learning through which children can learn things in an interesting way with minimal to no cost. We are intending to spread the message of help and rise by working for the welfare of the orphans in India.


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